Thursday, 16 August 2012

9 Mini projects in C Language for B.Tech. CS IT with Source code free download

  •     Chess game coding in C
  •     Railway Reservation System Program in C for mini project
  •     MiniProject in C Hotel Reservation and management System
  •     Mini Project in C language for DOS Key Logger
  •     Library Management System (Mini Project in C)
  •     C Program for Bricks Game mini project.
  •     Mini Project in C programming for A Car racing game
  •     Folder Protection Software in C
  •     Employee Database Project Using C

All these mini projects are available at C Magical Please do not directly copy and submit the source code as mini project. Use your own creativity and modify the code. Take idea from the projects given here and make something new. Remember aim of engineering is creation of new things. 9 Mini projects in C Language for B.Tech. CS IT with Source code free download

Ready to spend some money for mini project. Mail your requirements at 2kwebdevteam [a t] g m a i  and get your mini project for as less as INR 500

All the best for your mini project.



  1. I like This Project.

    I Want To know The Projects Some From ECE Departments

    Can U give Those Projects Names


  2. Hi,
    I need a project for Online Voting system .I want to give a mini project
    If anyone can help me then plz send full project on nitinwalu .

  3. Hello sir,
    i am working on mini project that is online voting system student database. so i need ur help to implement that project in correct manner.

    so please give me reply as early as possible..
    my email is